We would like to inform our customers that our sister restaurant Fade Street Social is opening first.

Please be aware that the opening hours are revised and are subject to change.

Taste by Dylan McGrath will be opening soon and we will announce our plans in the coming weeks.

In the meantime reserve your table in Fade Street Social at www.fadestreetsocial.com

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  • ‘’I hope you will experience them in a subtle way and understand the difference between flavour and taste. Most of us are very familiar with the first four, but it’s in recent years that Japanese cooking has introduced us more to the fifth taste - umami.’’
    Dylan McGrath

    Very often something that everybody finds pleasant. Here we’ve tried to look at sweet in lots of different aspects. Ingredients can be subtly and naturally sweet. It's not just about sugar.
  • SALT

    Very often just used to preserve, but here we’ve joined salt to lots of different flavours, trying not to lose its essence is so important.

    If too prominent, can be very unpleasant and overwhelming, but if added just enough, can align with flavour patterns uniquely and accentuate even the humblest of produce.

    The savoury taste that is found in lots of different ingredients that it seems we chefs know the least about. Judging the body’s reaction to it we know that we crave it and thoroughly enjoy its comfort.
  • SOUR

    Just enough with a lighter touch can add something pleasant, keeping in mind there is a fine line not to be crossed.


‘’It’s no secret I’ve always enjoyed the idea of a challenge: to look at the fine tastes that we as chefs try to understand and then lay them out in a menu and make them as enjoyable for the customers to experience as it is for us to create. In running with this idea, I’ve been heavily influenced by Japan, Spain and South America. I love the flavour release of some these cooking techniques. I find something special in the use of their immediate, quick heat and I hope you do too.’’
Dylan McGrath

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We’re extremely proud of our drinks menu in Taste. Our dedicated bar staff have worked closely with Dylan to design two lists of Japanese inspired cocktails. One cocktail list has been meticulously designed for before and during your meal at Taste. The second is a list of outstanding dessert cocktails has been created exclusively for afters.
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